"the Armenian Niagara"

Trchkan waterfall is situated at the border of Shirak and Lori regions, in 33 km distance from Gyumri, the cultural capital of Armenia. It is not only the highest waterfall in Armenia, but also the most abounding in water. The height of the waterfall is 25.5 meters. The waterfall is situated on the river Chichkhan which is rich in trout. The word “Trchkan” means “jumping” in Armenian. The waterfall is often called “the Armenian Niagara”.

This picturesque area is rich in different kinds of endemic species of plants and birds. Some of them are registered in the Red Book. The miraculous Trchkan waterfall is beautiful even in wintertime. The frozen waterfall is often called the “Icy Queen”. 

The way to Trchkan waterfall is quite long, but it is rather interesting, so you will have opportunity to admire the beauty of the nature. When the weather is fine, you can also swim in the river, organize a picnic and just relax near the base of the falls. In 2008 the Waterfall Trchkan was listed as a natural heritage site. In 2011 the territory was included in the list of protected sites. 

In 2011 the site was in the center of everybody's attention. The Armenian Ministry of Environmental Protection gave permission for the construction of a hydroelectric station here, violating its responsibility to protect the area. Armenian environmental activists and youth from various regions of Armenia camped out here for months protesting. Due to a long struggle they scored an important victory and saved this treasure from destruction.

The fabulous panorama of Trchkan, the amazing sound of every single drop of the waterfall and the charming nature will make you fall in love with this place and dream of visiting it again and again.