Stepanavan Dendropark

Welcome to the fairy tale…

Stepanavan Dendropark is one of the most picturesque and unique places in Armenia, located near the town of Stepanavan, Lori province. It was established in 1933 by polish engineer-forester Edmon Leonovich, and was designated a Special Protected Area in 1998. The huge part of the arboretum is covered with natural forests. The park consists of many ornamental  plants and unique trees from all over the world that attract thousands of tourists. 

Doctors claim that this pleasant and peaceful district is also a good place for those with bronchitis or other breathing ailments. The park is of great interest to the professional scientists and eco-tourists. It is a perfect place for public excursions, botanical and zoological tours.

The park is charming in every season. The harmony of thousands of colors and the sweet melody of birds make this place a lovely wonder of nature. The miraculous beauty of nature, the unusual calmness, the combination of various shades of green and the blue sky just remind an amazing fairy tale, the one we loved most in childhood.