Hiking in Armenia

Mount Aragats

Armenia is one of the most popular countries for hiking. Hiking tours are among the most demanded ones in Armenia. This mountainous wonder of nature is the most favorite place for the tourists who are especially fond of hiking and trekking.

There are numerous high mountains, but the highest in the territory of RA is the Mount Aragats located not far from Yerevan. Aragats is considered the highest peak in the South Caucasus. The mountain has sub-alpine and alpine zones as well as one of the biggest craters in the world, which is a sub-polar zone. It consists of 4 peaks, the highest of which is the Northern (4090m), and the lowest is the Southern one (3879m). The way to the top of the mount is quite difficult, but the view from there is magnificent.

The hiking starts from Lake Kari, which is located 3200 meters above sea level. Lake Kari is one of the high altitude freshwater lakes in Armenia. It is also a favorite campsite for climbers.

Climbing the Northern peak is more challenging and requires serious preparation, while non-professional climbers prefer the Southern peak. The best way to climb the mountain is to reach the southern top and continue climbing to the northern top. Snow covers the top of the highest mountain almost all year-round. You are likely to see snow here, even if the temperature is 40° C in Yerevan.  Mount Aragats has definitely become a second home for mountaineers.

A visit to this amazing place makes you feel the majestic energy of the Mount Aragats and have the most memorable adventures.