Why Localz?

Localz is affordable, safe and unique!

Localz is an innovative tourism app. The aim is to connect locals and tourists all over the world. There are thousands of such apps that offer their services and guarantee quality, but in fact you get disappointed every time you use one of them. You spend hours searching for an appropriate app and an experienced guide, you waste your time and money and turn your vacation into a real mess.

Tired? We are here to change the way you travel.

Why localz?

Localz is affordable. The app is free. It helps you to save time and money, to find the most qualified guides and the most hospitable and friendly locals.

Localz is safe. We cooperate with the most experienced tour guides, take into account their personal qualities and professional skills. You have opportunity to view tour guide profiles and ratings and select the best one.

Localz is unique. We suggest the most interesting and memorable tours, give opportunity to customize them and add any specific requirements.