Get in touch with the nature

Lastiver is one of the most beautiful and attractive places in Armenia. It is an amazing cave complex in the gorge of the river Khachaghpyur, which has beautiful cascades and rapids.

The path to the cave runs through a picturesque forest. Just below the caves, there is a cascade of beautiful waterfalls. The splendid atmosphere gives birth to a new wonderful feeling and opens a new world full of crazy emotions.

The mysterious caves of Lastiver are famous for dozens of beautiful carvings of human faces and crosses. They are perfectly preserved to this day.

The harmony and the close connection between the nature and the man can easily be felt here. Virgin forests, green zones and rivers, fresh air and the blue sky, alongside with the mysterious and interesting atmosphere, form an incredible world of wonders. This tiny piece of world will make you feel in touch with the nature and remind that there is no heaven on earth, but there are pieces of it.

Lastiver is also of great interest to visitors who are fond of adventures and are ready for new ones. There is a wide range of activities here, such as horse-riding, hiking, swimming. This wonderland is a must-see spot, an exclusive opportunity to be in touch with the nature and feel the unique spirit of Armenia.