Facts about Vienna

There are some things you should know about Vienna. It completely may help you imagine your affordable trip. Let’s explore those things.

1.People will be happy to know that Vienna is the home of the Wurstelprater, the world’s oldest amusement park. Its most famous attraction is the large Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel, which offers views across the whole park.

2.Over 200 balls take place every year in Vienna.  Balls are offered usually for 3 months starting in January and lasting through March.  The most popular venue for a Viennese ball is at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in the center of the city.  Live orchestras play the classical music waltzes, and even some 20th century pieces providing a taste of different dance for everyone.

3.The Viennese are famous for their love of dogs and they take their four-legged friends just about everywhere. Dogs are welcome on public transportation and in many boutiques and restaurants.

4.Austria has an endless string of famous people from scientists and musicians to philosophers and actors. The founder of the car company Porsche, - Ferdinand Porsche was Austrian

5.Brilliant shopping streets

Graben, Kärntner Strasse and Kohlmarkt are some of the most famous shopping streets in Vienna, with exclusive designer flagship stores and boutiques.

6.The first thing you need to know about typical Austrian food is that it isn’t exactly what you would call healthy. It mostly consists of meat and carbs. 1) A bosna is a typical Austrian street food. A bosna is basically a grilled sausage stuffed in a hot dog bun with onions and a curry powder sauce. 2) You’ll find goulash all over this Central Europe. This super is popular in Hungary, Austria and Germany. Goulash is basically a cross between a stew and a soup and is often made using beef. A good goulash is actually quite spicy, the meat is soft and the sauce is full of flavour.3) Krapfen  is one of the best desserts in Austria. It’s basically a fluffy donut filled with apricot jam.4) If you travel to Austria in November and December you will drink this one. Gluhwein is hot wine (usually red) this is boiled with lots of wintery spices. It’s a great drink in the winter months, when you might not feel like that ice-cold glass of beer.

7.Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna is the world’s oldest zoo still in existence and has already been voted Europe’s best zoo on four occasions. Each year more than two million visitors come to see the panda baby, newborn elephants and many other rare animals.

8.City Hall Park.

The park has a symmetrical arrangement and lies between the University and the Parliament. The two halves of the park are separated by the City Hall Square, which hosts events nearly all year round. The most well-known are probably the Vienna Ice Dream in the winter and the Music Film Festival in the summer.

9. Skating on the square in front of the City Hall from January until March the Vienna Rathausplatz will be transformed into a huge ice rink and becomes a paradise for ice skaters of every age.