Armenian Wine

Forget France. It turns out, the real birthplace of wine may be in a cave in Armenia!

Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing countries of the world. Armenia has been famous for its wine makers and unique traditions of wine making since ancient times. It was mentioned even in works of such philosophers, as Herodotus and Strabo. Archaeological excavations carried out in the 19th and 20th centuries have confirmed that Armenia as a wine-making state in the 9th century BC. According to the Biblical legend, the winemaking dates back to the grape planted by Noah in the slopes of Mount Ararat.

In 2011 archaeologists in Armenia announced the discovery of the world's oldest-known wine production facility. There were fermentation jars, a shallow basin, a vat, grape seeds and dozens of dried vines, located in the Areni cave complex. This is what CNN wrote:

Forget France. It turns out, the real birthplace of wine may be in a cave in Armenia.

The 2010 Zorah Karasi Areni Noir, made from grapes from the Areni region of Armenia, was ranked in Bloomberg's top 10 list. Bloomberg’s Elin McCoy said “I was wowed by my first-ever taste of an Armenian wine, this stylish red made from areni noir grapes and aged in traditional clay amphora,” said McCoy and added that the Top 10 list was compiled after sampling 4,000 wines during 2012.

You have opportunity to get acquainted with the wine production process and taste various types of wines in a small private wine factory founded in 1994, located in Areni village, Vayots Dzor province.

Every year in October Areni Wine Festival is held in Areni village. This is a wonderful opportunity for locals and tourists to taste the best variety of Armenian wines and enjoy folk music, games, dances and theater performances. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get acquainted with Armenian culture and taste world famous Armenian wine!