Armenian Culture

Armenian Traditional Dress

Armenian traditional clothing, also called Taraz, is one of the important and inseparable elements of Armenian culture.

National clothes are very colorful and bright, always different and unique. Every item has a different print and color, the colors of 4 elements dominate. According to XIV c. Armenian philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi these colors express ”the black of the earth, the white of water, the red of the air and the yellow of the flame”. 

National dresses have been classified by class, region and gender and were a symbol of identity. Man's traditional suit consisted of silk or cotton shirt with low collar, side fastener and wide dark colored trousers made with wool or cotton. Men wore caps of various styles. Women's traditional clothes included a long dress of arkhaluk type with a cut on chest and cuts below hips. The waist was wrapped in a long scarf. Different kinds of decorations were indispensable elements for women. The embroidered apron was the essential part of women’s dress. Women's headdresses were made of cotton and included several ornaments tied with scarves.

There is a gallery in the History Museum of Armenia, where you can see more than 200 kinds of Armenian national dresses.