Armenian Cuisine

Now it's turn for Tolma (dolma)!

Armenian cuisine is one of the world’s most famous and ancient ones. Tolma is a traditional Armenian dish, which is considered to be one of the jewels of Armenian cuisine. 

Tolma is made of minced meat, rice, onion, different types of spices. Later this mix is rolled up in grape leaves. It can also be made with cabbage leaves. There are various types of Tolma - grape-leaf tolma, tolma with cabbage and vegetables, tolma made of chopped meat and bulgur and tolma made of chicken meat. It is necessary to put the ingredients properly in order to keep the flavor peculiarities.

The tastes of different tolmas are different depending on the methods of preparation and ingredients.  Armenian women always say that tolma, prepared by different people, has different flavors.

Tolma is a very respectable dish in Armenian families. They cook it during different events and celebrations. It is just impossible to imagine Armenian table without tolma!