8 attractions that’ll make you want to visit Galle

What could be entertaining than a visit to the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site?Here you can find many things to do in Galle,in a lovely and peaceful city full of colors. The most attracting and stunning places surely will make you want to visit Galle.As the country’s oldest living city, it offers an excellent insight into the history.Get to know a little bit about these attractions before visiting the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1.    Galle Fort

Take a visit to 17th-century Galle Fort or Dutch Fort,which is the most important tourist attraction in Galle.It is a fortification first build by the Portuguese on the Southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.The site holds archaeological as well as architectural significance.Here you will see several attractions: cafes, museums, jewelry shops and etc.

2.    National Maritime Museum

One of the Sri Lanka’s seven heritage sites situated within Galle Fort.This museum preserves many interesting monuments of ancient Sri Lanka.It serves as a knowledge center for the country’s rich history and marine biodiversity.This small but important museum is worth a quick visit.

3.    Historical Mansion Museum

Located within the Galle Fort,it is the largest private museum with a priceless collection of antiques.Ask your guide to show you the embroidery presentations as well as the process of cutting and polishing sapphire.Exploring its authentic handcrafts and going back to centuries,you will see its humble origin as well as the reflection of distinct essence of Sri Lanka.

4.    Dutch Reformed Church

Dutch Reformed Church also known as the Groote Kerk is one of the oldest Protestant churches.Groote Kerk is the mother church of the Dutch Reformed Church in south Africa and the oldest existing church in southern Africa.Here you will see some interesting gravestones inside and outside this church.It is a very well-preserved church within the walls of Galle Fort.

5.    Galle National Museum

With valuable historic collections,this museum houses a limited collection of Portuguese and displays a wide range of archaeological and anthropological objects inherited in Southern region.It also plays an important role as a center of education in Southern region.Here visitors can explore collection of traditional masks used in various rituals and collection of ancient wooden carvings.

6.    Galle Lighthouse

Well-known tourist attraction and Sri Lanka’s oldest light station dating back to 1848.It is an onshore Lighthouse in Galle and must-see place.Strategically is located at the southern end of the promontory built approximately 6 meters above the road level on the ramparts. 

7.    Japanese Peace Pagoda

Built with the help of Japanese monks,it is a calm place with a great nature and a monument to inspire a pleasant environment.Here you can also meet sunsets from the main Unawatuna beach.This monument is designed to provide a focus for people of all races and creeds, and to help unite them in their search for world peace.

8.    Unawatuna Beach

Sri Lanka’s most popular palm-lined,banana-shaped beach of golden sand and clearest blue water.Always too busy with sellers and too crowded with tourists.Favorite beach resort to enjoy some swimming in the sun.A great place also for sport activities like scuba diving or snorkeling.Fan of tasting new dishes? Seafood is really fresh and tasty.For breakfasts, you can have some tropical fruits- bananas papayas or pineapples and etc.